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Looking for Most Classes, Apply and find out. Mainly looking for Healers, highly geared Tanks and few
skilled DPS.
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European: Bloodscalp (PvP)

It was said that it cant be done, but lo and behold - at 8 stacks, the Paladin Tank (Me, Warsung) bubbled to cleanse, then re agroed. The second time the stacks came round my 2 main hunters (Yagex and Sharpshootr) Distracting shot and played ping pong with the boss from either side of the room.
The boss shortly went down

We = win.

Welcome to the Chaos Theory guild site!

Chaos Theory is a new social raiding guild on the Bloodscalp EU Server. We are currently aiming to down the Lich King in our 10 man ICC teams, then to progress onto ICC25 and ICC10 Heroic.

We regularly raid lots of content (Onyxia, OS, Naxx) in order to hone our skills for harder raids.

We are also currently recruiting for our 2nd ICC10 team, Raid Leaders wanted! If you think you are up to this challenge then Please press the "Apply to this guild" button on the top of the screen and we will review it and get back to you, please check the "recruitment" forum every day for updates on your application!!


The Officer Team
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Ventrilo, Guild Sign up cut off date and Donations!

eastonch, Aug 13, 10 1:31 PM.
Hello all,

As you may now know, we own a guild site, and we are giving our members up to the end of august to sign up to the site and sign up to this guild, otherwise. you will be removed from the guild. We do not want all member to sign up as raider, its your choice, if you dont feel up for raiding, choose casual in the application.

Any issues, Contact a member of the officer team ingame!

We have recently purchased a 10man Vent Server, and it will be used until we get enough guild funds for a 25 - 32man server.
Please click on the right hand side of the site and click the "donate" now button!
we need your donations, only a minimum of $2 will be allowed due to the server restrictions.
The password is availible from ingame officers and users.
its only a 10man, but soon to be upgraded!

please add more funds!!! we need a bigger server, NOW!

If we do not get donations, it will be left up to ME yes, ME to pay for it. i do not expect to be paying for a server, everybody is using.


The Officer Team

The galery below

kimberwood, Aug 12, 10 5:13 PM.
I'm sorry the Slideshow below doesn't work as it should still trying to fix it,
And when its done it will show raid slideshow pics from our raids.

Thx, for your patient.

/Officer team.

A new beginning - Chaos Theory Is Born!

eastonch, Aug 8, 10 6:07 PM.
Welcome to Chaos Theory, hopefully our pernament Site.
We would like to welcome all new members, current members and former members to this website, if you havent already, we STRONGLY recommend you make a GuildPortal Account, and Apply to our guild using the TOP of the webpage.

Thanks to the following People for creating and editing the website so far.

Eastonch (Hilight)
WarsungGM (Warsung, Our gm)

And many more.
As we are still working this site out, some errors may occur, if any are found please report to the forums in General.
We will edit the forums soon.

We will ALSO Explain some of the guild features, such as DKP, RAid calander the lot..

We would also like to thank you for reading,


The Officer Team.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

eastonch, Aug 8, 10 11:03 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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